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PO Box 801GT, Walkers Road, George Town

Tel: 949-9250 or 945-8553—Fax: 945-6230

Principal: Jennifer Paul-O'Donnell


St. Ignatius Preparatory School is a private, Catholic co-educational Primary School for children between the ages of 4 and 10.

The School is under the direction and sole jurisdiction of the Catholic Archbishop appointed Ordinary to this territory, and is under the Chairmanship of the Catholic Priest appointed by the Pastor on the recommendation of the Church’s Advisory Council..

The School Motto is “Instaurare Omnia in Christo” - To establish all things in Christ. The Cayman Islands Motto “He hath founded it upon the seas” is taken from the Psalm of David—Psalm 24—the antiphonal psalm of solemn entry into the Sanctuary.

Jennifer Paul-O'Donnell - Principal

Philosophy of St. Ignatius Preparatory

The school sees as its goal, in collaboration with the parents, the laying of the foundation for the harmonious and total development of the student as an individual, and as a member of society in his own country and in the world.

The pupil is guided to be the kind of individual who thinks, acts and judges in accord with right reason illuminated by Faith in God.

The school provides an atmosphere of Christian Community and a Curriculum which assists the student in developing high ideals, fundamental principals, reasoned convictions and enduring values.

Religious development is a vital part of the educational process which seeks to assist the students towards growth in their religious understanding.


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