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People who have specific roles in our Church Community

This page will assist you in identifying to whom you should speak about any issues you may have. Where a photograph is available, it is shown so that you can identify the individual at community gatherings. You may click on any image for an enlarged version..

Fr Mike Molnar


Fr Graeme Thomson

Biggs, Joseph


Artuch, Jennifer

St Ignatius School

Head of 6th Form

Arun, Rashmi

St. Ignatius School


Awe, Margaret

St. Ignatius School

Administrative Assistant

Broderick, Patrick

Parish Council, Evangelisation Commission

Buchanan, Villence

Key Club Faculty Advisor

Chenier, Dominique

St. Ignatius School

Examinations Secretary

Cridland, Shirley

Parish Council

Tel: 949-7223

de Freitas, Paul

Kiwanis Key Club Advisor


Tel: 947-8630

Devlin, Bernadette

St. Ignatius School

Head of Lower School

Years 7-9

Donohue, Simon


Music Director

Duggan, Chris

Parish Council Member

Embleton, Peter

St. Ignatius School Principal - High Side - Tel: 949-9250 - Fax: 949-5497

Fercol, Chi Chi

Parish Council Secretary

Francis, Eustace

Parish Council Member

Francke, Lache

Key Club Faculty Advisor

Howden, Suzanne

Parish Council

Huggins, Debbie

St. Ignatius School

Administrative Assistant

Kirkconnell, Deborah

Parish Council, Christian Service Commission

Kozaily, Elie

Parish Council, Stewardship Commission

Martins, Angela

Board of Governors

Lockwood, Michael

Parish Council Member

McIntyre, Anita

St. Ignatius School

Administrative Assistant

Miller, Angela

Chairperson Parish Council

Paul-O'Donnell, Jennifer

St. Ignatius School - Principal - Prep Side Tel: 949-9250 Fax: 945-6230

Pereira, Jean

Parish Council Member

Rice, Jeremy

St. Ignatius School, Youth Minister, and Parish Council, Education Commission

Thacker, Garath

St. Ignatius School

Head of Upper School

Years 10 & 11

Webb, Adrianna

Parish Council Worship Commission

Wight, Marguerite

Parish Council Member


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