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The Parish Stewardship Committee


Head of Committee: Eli Kozaily - Member of the Parish Pastoral Council

The Stewardship Commission will include at least these six standing committees:

  • Budget
  • Church Support
  • Communications
  • Maintenance
  • Personnel
  • Utilisation of Resources


Purpose of the Commission
  The Stewardship Commission is a service group to the Parish Pastoral Council, and to the other Commissions of the Council. It plans, recommends, and, with Council approval, implements actions on Parish fmancial support and the effective management and use of Parish resources. These resources include parishioner's time, skills and talents and monies that are raised or offered.

The Stewardship Commission is concerned with three broad areas:

  1. the effective utilization of Parish resources
  2. the budget: and
  3. Church support.

Functions of the Commission

  A. to review, adjust, finalize, and consolidate the proposed annual budgets of each Parish operating unit for presentation to the Parish Pastoral Council and the Pastor (who eventually turns in the proposed budget to the Department of Finance/Administration for the approval of the Auxiliary Bishop of the Region)
  B. to monitor actual income and expenditures during the fiscal year according to the approved budget
  C. to conduct studies, create or devise plans and alternatives, and make necessary recommendations to the Parish Pastoral Council to avert shortfalls in income projections
  D. to report to the Parish Pastoral Council on areas of overspending and to make recommendations on cost-cutting measures
  E. to provide parishioners with semiannual reports, i.e., December and June, on the financial state of the Parish
  F. to coordinate all fund raising programs and activities in the Parish in accordance with Parish priorities and objectives
  G. to perform studies and recommend on the feasibility / viability , financial considerations, and general Parish impact of the acquisition, sale and/ or lease of property
  H. to review coverage by Archdiocesan insurance programs and review recommendations with insurance carrier
  I. to review, analyze and recommend on financial procedures, costs of operations, and other matters affecting these areas:
    1. efficiency of procedures and effectiveness of internal controls in conformity with the policies of the Archdiocese;
    2. personnel recruitment, defining employee job duties and responsibilities, and determining job classification;
    3. recommend to the Pastor ajob classification scale including salaries and fringe benefits and recommend that these are appropriately available to all employees.
  J. to implement Archdiocesan action policies and pertinent laws pertaining to equal opportunity practices;
  K. to review regularly the Parish facilities in order to assess safety , adequate repair and accessibility

The Stewardship Commission will be considered the Finance Council in accordance with Canon 537.

     "Each Parish is to have a finance council which is regulated by universal law as well as by norms issued by the diocesan Bishop; in this council the Christian faithful, selected according to the same norms, aid the Pastor in the administration of Parish goods with due regard for the prescription of Canon 532."

Structure of the Commission

  The Stewardship Commission will include interested parishioners and appropriate Pastoral Staff members.

Membership on the Stewardship Commission may be by appointment and selection. It is recommended that the Commission should include persons knowledgeable in the areas of finance, insurance, law, accounting and other related areas if possible.

Depending on the size of the Parish, the following committees fall within the area of the Stewardship Commission:
  •    Communication
  •    Budget
  •    Church Support
  •    Utilization of Resources
  •    Maintenance
  •    Personnel

The Commission chooses one of its members to become a member of the Vicariate Stewardship Commission.


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