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The Parish Worship Commission

Head of Committee: Adrianne Webb - Member of the Parish Pastoral Council

The Worship Commission will include at least these five standing committees:
  • Leaders of Prayer
  • Initiation
  • Liturgical Ministers
  • Liturgy Preparation
  • Ecumenical Awareness


Purpose of the Commission

  The Worship (Liturgy) Commission promotes and strengthens the program of continuing liturgical renewal. Serving the Parish in the areas of liturgy and ecumenism, the Worship Commission also promotes and provides for programs of education, planning and evaluation. It is also involved with liturgical celebrations and is the liaison for relations with other Christian and non -Christian churches and religious bodies.

Functions of the Commission

  Since the liturgy is the ..source and summit" (SC 11) of Christian life, the Worship Commission needs to be activelyand directly connected and concerned with all aspects of Parish life including ecumenism.

The Worship Commission collaborates with the other Parish Com - missions and Parish Pastoral Council, the Vicariate Worship Com- mission, and the Office of Christian Worship. It develops and establishes objectives to realize and accomplish Parish and Archdiocesan goals and ecclesiastical norms in the area of liturgy and Parish worship. It proposes and submits its priorities and budget to the Parish Pastoral Council and develops and oversees a program of evaluation of its own work as well as that of Parish liturgical life.

The primary task of the Worship Commission is in the areas of liturgy and ecumenism. This work includes administrative, worship, and educational responsibilities.
  A. The Commission's administrative responsibilities are:
    1. to make recommendations to the Parish Pastoral Council regarding the priorities, policies, guidelines, and directives of the Parish, Archdiocese and Church universal which should be considered in the planning and carrying out of the worship life of the Parish;
    2. to coordinate the planning for the liturgical celebrations for all seasonal and special feasts;
    3. to coordinate and oversee the preparation, functioning and evaluation of all liturgical ministries in the Parish i.e., lectors, extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist, musicians, servers, ushers, and/or ministers of hospitality, sacristans, artists, etc.;
    4. to ensure the integrity of the liturgical year through assisting in the appropriate scheduling of celebrations and prayer services.
  B. The Commission's worship responsibilities are:
    1. to discern the Parish's worship/liturgical/prayer needs;
    2. to assist in providing quality liturgical celebrations and prayer services through involvement in the planning and evaluation of these;
    3. to plan and prepare liturgical events and celebrations;
    4. to ensure compliance with liturgical directives, guide- lines, norms, and policies of the Parish, Archdiocese, and Church universal;
    5. to collaborate on liturgical aspects of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, infant baptism, sacramental preparation, marriage preparation, communion to the hospitalized and homebound, funeral celebrations and ministry to the bereaved and with those Parish committees and other groups specifically charged with work in these and related areas;
    6. to foster an atmosphere of hospitality and harmony in all aspects of its work.
  C. The Commission's education responsibilities are:
    1. to update its members with the knowledge, under standing and expertise needed to function effectively;
    2. to oversee the continuing education of the Parish in liturgical matters;
    3. o support the continuing education and formation of all liturgical ministers according to Archdiocesan directives, guidelines, norms, and policies.

Structure of the Worship Commission

  The Worship Commission will include both Pastoral Staffperson(s) as resource(s), members from the Parish and a spokesperson from each committee. Staff people might include the priests and deacons of the Parish, worship or liturgy coordinator, music minister, the persons who train lectors and extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist. Also, the Commission should include members who speak to the concerns and needs of significant groups within the Parish, e.g.: persons with disabilities, youth, young adults, seniors, unemployed persons.

The Worship Commission includes at least these two standing committees:

  • Liturgy Improvement
  • Ecumenical Awareness
  Other ad hoc committees may be established according to need. These committees would include members from the Worship Commission as well as other members of the Parish not on the Commission.

The Commission chooses one of its members to become a member of the Vicariate Worship Commission.


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