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October 21st 2007
29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Holy Father’s Prayer Intention for October

GENERAL: That the Christians who are in minority situations may the strength and courage to live their faith and persevere in bearing witness to it.
MISSION: That World Missionary Day may be a propitious occasion for kindling an ever greater missionary awareness in every baptized person. 

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With the support of

The Pontifical Society for the Propagation of the Faith

To maintain in the Church the Spirit of Pentecost, which opened the Apostles to the far ends of the earth and made them “missionaries” (envoys): it is the “catholic” or the universal spirit that belongs to the very nature of the Church.
 To live the universal mission of redemption in union with Christ in his Church as the foundation of a common apostolic responsibility: “As the Father has sent me, even so I send you” (Jn 20:21).
To participate in the proclamation of the Gospel with the example of one’s own life and with the contribution of one’s own professional and productive human potentialities, also presented in monetary offerings.

BREAKING NEWS: See a list of the Sunday Mass timetable changes below - BE PREPARED
*** Join Fr Alex in celebration of his 30th anniversary ***
of Ordination in Loyolay Hall on Sunday 28th after the 8.00am Mass...

  St Ignatius Church Christ The Redeemer Chapel - Cayman Brac

Weekdays 7.00 am Mass
7.30 am Rosary (Chapel)

Tuesdays   7.30 pm Rosary  

Ash Wednesday 8:30 am Mass 10:45 am Mass  
Wednesdays 6.00 pm Prayer meeting 6.30 pm Prayer meeting  

Fridays 3.00-4.00 pm Children's Adoration    

Saturdays 10.00 am Rosary
5.00 pm Reconciliation
6.00 pm Mass

First Saturdays 8:30 am Mass
9.00 am Rosary
Third Saturdays   8.30am Rosary/Chaplet  

Sundays 8.30 am Mass (until 21 Oct 2007)
8.00 am Mass (from 28 Oct 2007)
9.30 am Choir practice
9.45 am Sunday school
11.00 am Mass (until 21 Oct 2007)
11.30 am (from 28 Oct 2007)
6.00 pm Mass
9.30 am Choir practice
10:45 am Mass (until 21 Oct 2007)
9.45 am (from 28 Oct 2007)
11.00 am Service
Second Sundays 11.00 am Baptism    
Fourth Sundays 9:45 am CWL*    

Public holidays 8:30 am Mass    

* CWL - Catholic Women's League


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